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Feeling So Good!

優質傢俱 | 至尊享受

Our founder & managing director - Frankie Yau started his career in the sofa & furniture industry for several decades, specialising in premium quality product sourcing, marketing and sales in Europe & Asia. Our mission is to ensure your prestigious comfort experience at home by offering you premium quality furniture. When you are feeling comfortable, you are feeling so good!


Our mission is to ensure your prestigious comfort experience at home


European Technology for Asian living design

Technology is part of our modern living including the design of home furniture. Since we set up SOFASOGOOD®, we have been partnering with the most pioneer and reliable factories worldwide to produce premium quality furniture with European technology that suits Asian living.

我們採用最新進歐洲生產技術DewertOkin,符合(C) UL, FCC, Interteck, CE, RoHS, RCM, PSE等众多出口认证,实现北美、欧洲、澳洲、日韩等地区和国家多项权威认证的全覆盖。


Imported Materials

All our leather materials originated from Italy and Germany comprising a wide range of cattle, rawhide, full-grain, corrected grain and patented leather. As for fabric, they are not just aesthetically pleasing but come with dedicated features such as optimum heat regulation and anti-dust mites.


Ergonomic Design

The design must be truly inspired by an authentic living experience. Ranging from Europe, Nordic and Asia, we are dedicated to offering you the most authentic and inspiring designs from all around the world so that you can own the real masterpiece that communicates your values.


Detail Craftsmanship

Solid base, seamless joint and finest stitch; we guaranteed you world-class craftsmanship through our one-to-one product inspection policy. All our products will be inspected personally at the factory by our professionally trained personnel. Discover the world's best designer furniture here. 

Prestigious Experience


In 2022, we have extended the shopping experience from offline retails to the online store, to offer more valuable deals where our customers can purchase their ideal home furniture anywhere, anytime around the world.


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