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Hong Kong Fully Imported Genuine Leather Premium Sofas 全真皮梳化

SOFASOGOOD® is happy to share the making process of our fully imported genuine leather premium sofas which can be summarised as:

  1. Raw hides are converted to Wet Blue before tanning and colouring in the tanneries

  2. Tumble and soften before applying the base dye to the leather

  3. Hides are dried and stretched to create an even surface

  4. Preparing the dyed leather for final colour and embossing

  5. Colours are mixed and controlled automatically by computer

  6. Using water-based chemicals in our tanning process for environmental protection

  7. Some leathers are embossed with patterns & apply it to different sofa designs


最新全真皮梳化款式「精準」OPTIMUM, ALPHA, SOULMATE等等都有多種皮革顏色選擇,歡迎光臨店舖詢問更多詳情。


採用頂級原料、人體工學設計、精湛優質製造以確保客戶的至尊享受是我們SOFASOGOOD®由成立開始堅守的信用。SOFASOGOOD®全真皮梳化全部經過嚴格測試,保證優質耐用,符合日常生活的需要。所有SOFASOGOOD®梳化(除了特定網購款式)一律享受1年保修限期,有效期為首次購買發票日期起計算。顧客必須出示由香港SOFASOGOOD®發出之有效發票或網上購物付款證明之正本/影印本或其照片,以證明首次及其後的更換日期,方可享有有關產品保修。Find out more about Product Warranty from our website.



SOFASOGOOD® - Hong Kong Premium Furniture, makes you Feeling So Good!

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